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- infrared systems
3 Mmw Pulse Radar For Close Range Navigation and Obstacle Warning
General view of radar and Radar on the helicopter МИ-8МТ under flight tests
APPLICATIONS: п• Obstacle warning helicopters and small aircrafts over hilly terrain, in urban and industrial zones, over agricultural fields crossed by gh-voltage power transmission lines;

High precision close range navigation and obstacle warning of vessels in ports, on rivers, in channels, etc.;

High precision airport on-surface traffic control

Main specifications:
Operating frequency: (92…95) ± 1 GHz
Detection range: high-voltage power transmission wires (d≥10мм) ≥700m, objects having RCS not less ≥ 10m2 (surface, ships, shores, mountain slopes, houses, towers, supports, dry land ) ≤ 2500 m;
Resolution: 10-1.20 azimuth and elevation, 7-10 m distance,
Surveillance data: range zone 20-3000 m,
for azimuth to 900;
for elevation to 300 (software settings available);
Surveillance (scan) period of angular max zone ≤ 2 с;
Display of radar data in azimuth-distance and azimuth-angle coordinates with color-coded signal intensity (radar maps) with markers;
Radar head unit power consumption less 40 W (+ 18-34 DC);
Construction of the radar: radar head unit (d= 300 mm, length 450 mm, weight less 15 kg);
Communication with the monitor on the channel RS232/422.

some Clonara + radar images of helicopter Mi-8 based surface