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- infrared systems
Small Optical-Electronic Module (OEM) for Ground-based Observation, Guidance and Auto-tracking Systems
1. General Information:
1.1. Composition:
- card opto-electronic converter based 1/3” CMOS digital optical sensor AR0130CS-D 1280x960 pixels high resolution color near infrared (NIR);
- PCB of digital video processor of correlation and centroid image processing on FPGA Xilinx Spartan-6;
- PCB of Ethernet 1000/100 MB / s external interface module for remote video transmission and OEM control at distances up to 100m.
1.2. Construction:
- overall dimensions without lens: diameter -50mm; length -50mm
- CS-mount lens connector;
- power supply +12V, ≤ 3W.

Photo of the experimental sample of the OEM top view (left) and side

2. Appointment:
- Working in high-mobility daytime and twilight ground-based reconnaissance systems in visible and near-infrared optical ranges - (0.4-0.9) mk;
- identification by the operator of the purpose of aiming and capture on auto-tracking;
- remote transmission of up to 100 m of video images and control of OEM operation modes via Ethernet 1000BASE-T standard;
- maximum frame rate for video images at a resolution of 12 dB with a resolution of 1280x960 pixels up to 50 fps.

3. OEM modes and algorithms:
- compatibility (image rendering and job management) of an OEM sample with Windows 10 through an optional program;
- capture and automatic tracking of the object selected by the operator in the field of view of the OEM, from 8x8 to 128x128 pixels;
- automatic control of the video at the average brightness specified by the operator of the area in the image;
- adaptive zooming of the image selected by the operator;
- centroid auto-tracking algorithm;
- re-capture of the object after its disruption;

4. The results of bench studies of the characteristics of OEMs: Picture of monochrome test tables and color test tables (with adjustment filter)

Terrain image for working out search, pointing, auto capture and auto tracking algorithms